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1 April


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1536 – Eustace Chapuys reported to Charles V that he’d heard that Henry VIII had sent Jane Seymour “a purse full of sovereigns”.

1538 – Death of Sir Amyas (Amias) Paulet, soldier and landowner, at Hinton St George.

1570 – Death of William Alley, Bishop of Exeter. He was buried in Exeter Cathedral.

1571 – Death of Sir Thomas Cusack, Anglo-Irish judge, Master of the Rolls in Ireland, Keeper of the Great Seal, Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ireland, Lord Chancellor and Lord Justice. He was buried in Trevet, county Meath.

1572 – Death of John Cawood, Queen’s Printer to Mary I, in London.

1577 – Death of Anthony Rush, Dean of Chichester. He was buried in St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

1578 – Birth of William Harvey, English physician and the man who discovered the circulation of blood.

1578 – Death of Sir Arthur Champernowne, soldier, naval commander, member of Parliament and Vice-Admiral of the West.

1604 – Death of Thomas Churchyard, author and soldier, in Westminster, London. He was buried in St Margaret’s Church, Westminster.

2 April


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1502 – Death of Arthur, Prince of Wales, son and heir of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, at Ludlow Castle in the Welsh Marches.

1536 – Anne Boleyn’s almoner, John Skip, preached a rather controversial sermon in front of Henry VIII, It was on the Old Testament story of King Ahasuerus.

1552 – The fourteen year-old Edward VI fell ill with measles and smallpox.

1559 – The Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis, ending the Italian Wars, was signed between Henry II of France and Elizabeth I of England.

1568 – Death of Sir Ambrose Cave, member of Parliament, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Knight of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, at the Savoy. He was buried at Stanford after a funeral at the Savoy Chapel.

1571 – Death of Richard Onslow, lawyer, Solicitor-General and Speaker of the House of Commons. He caught a fever in Shrewsbury, while visiting his uncle there.

3 April


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1559 – The second session of Parliament, in Elizabeth I’s reign, met after the Easter break.

1559 – The Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis, ending the Italian Wars, was signed between Henry II and Philip II of Spain.

1578 – Burial of Lady Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox and daughter of Margaret Tudor and Archibald Douglas, 6th  Earl of Angus. She was buried in Henry VII’s Chapel of Westminster Abbey.

1585 – Death of Thomas Goldwell, Bishop of St Asaph, in Rome. He was buried in the convent of San Silvestro.

1606 – Burial of Sir Edward Fitton, member of Parliament and Elizabeth I’s Receiver-General, in Gawsworth Church in Cheshire.

4 April


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1483 – Death of Henry Bourchier, 1st Earl of Essex, great-grandson of Edward III and Lord High Treasurer. He was buried in Beeleigh Abbey.

1506 – Birth of Sir Edward Saunders, Chief Justice of the Queen’s Bench in Elizabeth I’s reign.

1572 – Birth of Willaim Strachey, writer and historian of Virginia.

1581 – Francis Drake was awarded a knighthood by Elizabeth I.

1589 – Death of Mildred Cecil (née Cooke), Lady Burghley, noblewoman, scholar and second wife of William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley.

5 April


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1478 – Death of John Booth, Bishop of Exeter, at East Horsley. He was buried in the parish church there.

1513 – Treaty of Mechlin signed by Henry VIII, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Pope Leo X against France.

1531 – Richard Roose (or Rouse), Bishop John Fisher’s cook, was boiled to death after confessing to poisoning the soup (or porridge) that was served to the Bishop and his guests.

1532 – Death of William Bolton, royal administrator and Prior of St Bartholomew’s, West Smithfield, London.

1533 – Convocation ruled on the case of Henry VIII’s annulment, ruling that the Pope had no power to dispense in the case of a man marrying his brother’s widow, and that it was contrary to God’s law.

1559 – Funeral of Sir Anthony St Leger, Lord Deputy of Ireland, at the parish church in Ulcombe in Kent.

1588 – Birth of Thomas Hobbes, philosopher and author of the famous philosophical work, “Leviathan”, in Westport, Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

1605 – Death of Adam Loftus, Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, in Dublin at the archbishop’s palace of St Sepulchre. He was buried at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

6 April


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1523 – Death of Edward Stanley, 1st Baron Monteagle, soldier, peer and Knight of the Garter, at Hornby Castle.

1523 – Death of Henry Stafford, Earl of Wiltshire.

1582 – Hanging of Nicholas Nugent, Solicitor General for Ireland, Baron of the Irish Court of Exchequer, and Chief Justice of the Irish Common Pleas, for treason.

1590 – Death of Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I’s principal secretary.

1593 – Hanging of Henry Barrow and John Greenwood, religious separatists, after being condemned to death on 23rd March, for writing and publishing seditious literature.

1605 (5th or 6th) – Death of John Stow, historian and antiquary, in London at the age of eighty. He was buried in St Andrew Undershaft Church.

1621 – Death of Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford, son of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, and Anne Stanhope, and husband of Lady Katherine Grey

7 April


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1498 – Death of Charles VIII of France and accession of Louis XII.

1537 – Pilgrimage of Grace rebels Robert Aske and Thomas Darcy, 1st Baron Darcy, were sent to the Tower of London.

1538 – Elizabeth Boleyn, Lady Wiltshire, wife of Thomas Boleyn and mother of the late Queen Anne Boleyn, was buried in the Howard Chapel of St Mary’s Church, Lambeth.

1571 – Burial of Richard Onslow, lawyer and Speaker of the House of Commons, in St Chad’s Church, Shrewsbury.

1589 – Death of Sir Henry Gates, member of Parliament, Gentleman of Edward VI’s Privy Chamber, Controller of the Petty Custom at the port of London, Receiver-General of the duchy of Cornwall and member of the Council of the North.

1590 – Burial of Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I’s principal secretary, at St Paul’s at 10pm in the same tomb as Sir Philip Sidney. He had died the previous day.

1619 – Burial of Robert Rich, 1st Earl of Warwick, at Felsted.

8 April


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1554 – A cat dressed as a priest, a symbol of Catholicism, was found hanged on the gallows in Cheapside.

1580 – Birth of William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, courtier, patron of the arts and son of Henry Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, and Mary Sidney, sister of Sir Philip Sidney.

1586 – Death of Martin Chemnitz, Lutheran theologian and a man known as “Alter Martinus” or the “Second Martin” after Martin Luther.

1608 – Death of Magdalen Browne (née Dacre), Viscountess Montagu and patron of Roman Catholics, at Battle following a stroke in January 1608. She was buried at Midhurst.

9 April


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1483 – Death of Edward IV at the Palace of Westminster. He was laid to rest in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, on 20th April.

1533 – A delegation of the King’s councillors visited Catherine of Aragon and informed her that Henry VIII was now married to Anne Boleyn.

1557 – Cardinal Reginald Pole’s legatine powers were revoked by Pope Paul IV.

1582 – Death of Richard Bertie, evangelical, member of Parliament and second husband of Katherine Willoughby (other married name Brandon), Duchess of Suffolk, at Bourne. He was buried with Katherine, who died in 1580, at Spilsby.

1590 – Funeral of Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick. He was laid to rest in the Beauchamp Chapel of St Mary’s Church, Warwick.

1626 – Death of Francis Bacon, Viscount St Alban, Lord Chancellor, politician and philosopher.

10 April


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1512 – James V, King of Scotland, was born at Linlithgow Palace. He was the fourth child of James IV and Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII.

1550 – Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, was re-admitted into Edward VI’s council.

1559 – Death of Sir Rice Mansel, soldier and administrator, at his home in Clerkenwell.

1585 – Death of Pope Gregory XIII, the Pope known for his introduction of the Gregorian Calendar, in Rome. He was succeeded by Pope Sixtus V.

1586 – Death of Sir Bernard Drake, sea captain, in Crediton, Devon, from probable typhus.

1588 – Death of Robert Glover, herald, genealogist and antiquary in Elizabeth I’s reign. He was buried in St Giles-without-Cripplegate.

1605 – Death of John Young, Bishop of Rochester and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, at Bromley Palace. He was seventy-one, and was buried at Bromley Church.

1635 – Death of Lady Helena Gorges (née Snakenborg), previous married name Parr. She was laid to rest in Salisbury Cathedral.

11 April


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1492 – Birth of Marguerite de Navarre (also known as Marguerite of Angoulême and Marguerite de France), sister of Francis I of France, daughter of Louise of Savoy and Charles, Count of Angoulême, and author of “Miroir de l’âme pécheresse”.

1533 – The Royal Council was ordered by Henry VIII to recognise Anne Boleyn as Queen.

1548 – Death of Sir John Welsbourne, Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to Henry VIII and Justice of the Peace.

1554 – Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger was beheaded and then his body quartered for treason, for leading Wyatt’s Rebellion against Queen Mary I.

1609 – Death of John Lumley, 1st Baron Lumley, conspirator (Ridolfi Plot), patron and collector. Lumley was buried at night, probably so that he could be buried with a Catholic service, in the Lumley Chapel of St Dunstan’s in Cheam.

12 April


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1533 – Anne Boleyn attended Easter Saturday mass as Queen.

1533 – Thomas Cromwell became Chancellor of the Exchequer.

1535 – Death of Giles Duwes (Dewes), musician, royal librarian and French tutor to Henry VII’s children: Arthur, Henry, Margaret and Mary, and to Henry VIII’s daughter, the future Mary I. He was buried in the church of St Olave Upwell in London.

1550 – Birth of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, courtier and poet.

1587 – Death of Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord Chancellor to Elizabeth I, at York House in London. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.

1639 – Death of courtier Robert Carey, 1st Earl of Monmouth, youngest son of Henry Carey, 1st  Baron Hunsdon, and grandson of Mary Boleyn.

13 April


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1534 – Sir Thomas More was summoned to Lambeth to swear his allegiance to the “Act of Succession”.

1557 – Death of John Brydges, 1st Baron Chandos of Sudeley, landowner, soldier and Lieutenant of the Tower of London. He died at Sudeley Castle.

1598 – Henry IV of France issued the Edict of Nantes granting the Huguenots freedom of religion in France.

1606 – Death of Richard Day, Church of England clergyman, printer and son of the famous printer John Day, who had printed John Foxe’s “Actes and Monuments”.

1630 – Death of Anne Howard (née Dacre), Countess of Arundel, at Shifnal. She was laid to rest in the Fitzalan Chapel of Arundel Castle.

14 April


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1556 – Death of Sir Anthony Kingston, former Constable of the Tower of London, at Cirencester.

1565 – Birth of Edward Gresham, astrologer, astronomer and magician, in Stainsford, Yorkshire.

1578 – Death of James Hepburn, 1st Duke of Orkney and 4th Earl of Bothwell, at Dragsholm Castle in Denmark.

1587 – Death of Edward Manners, 3rd Earl of Rutland, at Greenwich. He was buried on 15th May at Bottesford, Leicestershire.

1599 – Death of Sir Henry Wallop, member of Parliament and administrator, in Dublin while serving there as Treasurer-at-War. He was buried in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.


15 April


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1530 – Death of Gilbert Tailboys, 1st Baron Tailboys and first husband of Elizabeth (Bessie Blount), mistress of Henry VIII. He was laid to rest in South Kyme Church.

1545 – Death of Sir Robert Dymoke, champion at the coronations of Henry VII and Henry VIII.

1589 – Burial of Frances Radcliffe (née Sidney), Countess of Sussex and founder of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. She was buried in Westminster Abbey, in the Chapel of St Paul.

1599 – Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, was sworn in as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

1624 – Burial of Sir John Scudamore, husband of Mary Shelton, who served in Elizabeth I’s Privy Chamber, at Holme Lacy.

16 April


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1512 – The Mary Rose began her first tour of duty in the English Channel on the hunt for French warships.

1521 – German Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, appeared in front of Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms.

1550 – Birth of Francis Anthony, alchemist, apothecary and physician. He was probably born in London and was the son of Derrick Anthony, a goldsmith.

1570 – Baptism of Guy Fawkes at the Church of St Michael le Belfrey in York.

1578 – Burial of Thomas Drant, Church of England clergyman and poet.

1587 – Death of Anne Seymour (née Stanhope), Duchess of Somerset and wife of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector during part of Edward VI’s reign. She died at Hanworth Place and was buried at Westminster Abbey.

1595 – Death of Ferdinando Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby and literary patron.

17 April


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1534 – Sir Thomas More, Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor, was sent to the Tower of London after refusing to swear the “Oath of Succession”.

1554 – Sir Nicholas Throckmorton was acquitted of treason for being involved in Wyatt’s Rebellion.

1554 – Thomas Wyatt the Younger’s head was stolen in the rejoicing after Throckmorton’s acquittal.

1554 – Birth of Stephen Gosson, Church of England clergyman, satirist and anti-theatrical polemicist.

1568 – Birth of George Brooke, conspirator, son of William Brooke, 10th Baron Cobham and his wife Frances (née Newton).

1595 – Execution of Henry Walpole (St Henry Walpole), Jesuit martyr, in York. He was hanged, drawn and quartered.

18 April


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1536 – Eustace Chapuys, Imperial Ambassador, was tricked into acknowledging Anne Boleyn as Queen.

1540 – King Henry VIII made Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex.

1552 – Death of John Leland, poet and antiquary, in the parish of St Michael le Querne, Cheapside, London. He was buried there.

1555 – Death of Polydore Virgil, Italian humanist scholar and historian, at Urbino. He was buried in the Chapel of St Andrew in the Duomo in Urbino.

1556 – Death of Sir John Gage, military administrator and courtier, at his home, Firle Place, Sussex. He was buried at West Firle church.

1570 – Burial of William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke, at St Paul’s, beside his wife. He had died at Hampton Court Palace on 17th March.

1587 – Death of John Foxe, the English historian, reformer and martyrologist. He is known for his book “Actes and Monuments”, commonly known as “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs”, an account of Christian martyrs throughout history.


19 April


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1558 – Mary, Queen of Scots and Francis, the Dauphin, were formally betrothed at the Louvre.

1568 – Funeral of Sir Ambrose Cave, Knight of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem and administrator, at the Savoy Chapel. He was buried at Stanford, Northamptonshire.

1587 – The Singeing of the King of Spain’s Beard: Sir Francis Drake entered the harbour of Cadiz on the Spanish coast and led a pre-emptive strike on the Spanish fleet, destroying a number of ships.

1601 – Hanging of James Duckett, bookseller and Catholic martyr, at Tyburn, after Roman Catholic books were found in his possession.

1608 – Sudden death of Thomas Sackville, 1st Baron Buckhurst and 1st Earl of Dorset, poet, member of Parliament and administrator, at Whitehall from a stroke suffered at the council table.

1615 – Death of Laurence Bodley, Church of England clergyman and brother of Thomas Bodley, founder of the Bodleian Library. He died at the age of sixty-seven and was buried in Exeter Cathedral.

20 April


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1483 – Burial of Edward IV in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

1523 – Death of Henry Clifford, 10th Baron Clifford, magnate.

1534 – Prominent citizens of London were required to swear the “Oath of the Act of Succession”.

1534 – Hanging of Elizabeth Barton, “the Nun of Kent” or “the Holy Maid of Kent”, at Tyburn. Her spiritual adviser, Father Edward Bocking; Richard Risby, Warden of the Observant Friary at Canterbury, and Hugh Rich, Warden of the Observant Friary at Richmond, were hanged with her.

1578 – Death of Lady Mary Keys (née Grey), sister of Lady Jane Grey and wife of Thomas Keys, Sergeant Porter to Elizabeth I.

1584 – Execution of sixty year-old James Bell, Catholic priest and martyr, at Lancaster.

1587 – Burial of John Foxe, martyrologist, in St Giles Cripplegate. He died 18th April at his home in Grub Street, in the same parish.

21 April


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1509 – Death of Henry VII at Richmond Palace.

1566 (20th or 21st) – Death of Sir John Mason, member of Parliament, diplomat in the reigns of four Tudor monarchs, Privy Councillor in Edward VI’s reign and Treasurer of the Chamber in Elizabeth I’s reign. He was buried in St Paul’s Cathedral, in the north choir.

1566 – Death of Sir Richard Sackville, member of Parliament and administrator, in London. He was buried at Withyham in Sussex.

1580 – Death of philanthropist William Lambe. He was buried at St Faith under St Paul’s.

1581 – Burial of Thomas Charnock, alchemist, at Otterhampton in Somerset after dying at his home in Combwich.

22 April


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1520 – Death of Sir John Ernley, lawyer and Attorney-General in the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII. He was buried at Sidlesham, near Chichester.

1542 – Death of Henry Clifford, 1st Earl of Cumberland. He supported Henry VIII during the Pilgrimage of Grace, when he was Warden of the West Marches. Cumberland was buried at Skipton Parish Church.

1598 – Death of Francis Beaumont, member of Parliament, Serjeant-at-Law and Justice of the Common Pleas in the reign of Elizabeth I. He died from gaol fever at his home in Grace Dieu, Leicestershire and was buried in Belton Church.

23 April


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St George’s Day – The day for announcing new appointments to the Order of the Garter, the highest order of chivalry in England.

1500 – Birth of Alexander Ales (Alesius, Aless), Scottish theologian and reformer, at Edinburgh.

1512 – Birth of Henry Fitzalan, 12th Earl of Arundel, son of William Fitzalan, 11th Earl of Arundel, and Anne (née Percy), daughter of Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland.

1536 – Sir Nicholas Carew was elected to the Order of the Garter at the annual chapter meeting at Greenwich, rather than George Boleyn, brother of Queen Anne Boleyn.

1564 – Traditional date for the birth of William Shakespeare at Stratford-upon-Avon.


24 April


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1536 – Commissions of oyer and terminer set up by Thomas Audley, Lord Chancellor.

1545 – Baptism of Henry Wriothesley, 2nd Earl of Southampton, at St Andrews, Holborn.

1549 – Death of Ralph Neville, 4th Earl of Westmorland, English peer, soldier and Privy Councillor. He was buried at Staindrop in County Durham.

1551 – Execution of Dutchman George van Parris, surgeon and religious radical at Smithfield. He was burned at the stake for Arianism (denying the divinity of Christ).

1555 – Burning of George Marsh, Protestant martyr, former curate at All Hallows Church, London and a preacher in Lancashire, at Spital Boughton outside the walls of Chester. His ashes were buried in the St Giles cemetery.

1558 – Mary, Queen of Scots married Francis, the Dauphin of France, at Notre Dame in Paris.


25 April


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1509 – Birth of Thomas Vaux, 2nd Baron Vaux, poet associated with Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey.

1513 – Death of Sir Edward Howard, naval commander, by drowning, in an attack on the French fleet.

1526 – Death of Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester, illegitimate son of Henry Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset, and his mistress Joan Hill. He was buried in St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

1544 – Publication of Queen Catherine Parr’s English translation of John Fisher’s “Psalms or Prayers”. It was published anonymously.

1551 – Death of Alice More, Lady More, second wife of Sir Thomas More. Her exact date of death is not known, but it was around 25th April 1551. She was buried at Chelsea.

1557 – “A Masque of Almains, Pilgrims and Irishmen” was performed in front of Queen Mary I and Philip of Spain.

1557 – Thomas Stafford, son of Henry Stafford, 10th Baron Stafford, and Ursula Pole, seized Scarborough Castle, declared himself “The Lord Thomas Stafford, son to the Lord Henry, rightful Duke of Bokingham” then proclaimed himself “Protector of the Realm”.

1599 – Birth of Oliver Cromwell, future Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.

1603 – Burial of Katherine Howard, Countess of Nottingham, eldest daughter of Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon, at All Saints, Chelsea.

26 April


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1536 – Queen Anne Boleyn met with her chaplain, thirty-two year-old Matthew Parker. Parker recorded later that Anne had asked him to watch over her daughter, the two year-old Princess Elizabeth, if anything happened to her.

1540 – Marriage of Francis Knollys and Catherine Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn and William Carey.

1546 – Death of Sir Ralph Ellerker, soldier, in a French ambush while serving as Marshal of Boulogne for Henry VIII. He was buried in St Mary’s Church in the town.

1564 – Baptism of William Shakespeare at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon.

1589 – Death of Andrew Perne, Dean of Ely and Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, at Lambeth while visiting his friend, Archbishop John Whitgift. He was buried at Lambeth Parish Church.

1596 – Burial of Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon, at St Helen’s Church, Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

27 April


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1536 – Writs were issued summoning Parliament, and a letter was sent to Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury, asking him to attend Parliament.

1584 – Death of David Lewis, civil lawyer and judge involved in the maritime cases of Elizabeth I’s reign. He was buried in St Mary’s Church, Abergavenny, in the part of the church now known as the Lewis Chapel.

1609 – Death of Sir Edward Michelborne, member of Parliament, soldier and adventurer. He was buried in Hackney.

28 April


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1442 – Birth of Edward IV at Rouen, Normandy. Edward was the son of Richard, 3rd Duke of York, and Cecily Neville, and was King of England from 1461 to 1470, until he was overthrown by the Earl of Warwick who restored Henry VI, and then from 1471 to his death in 1483.

1489 – Death of Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland, magnate.

1533 – Death of Nicholas West, Bishop of Ely, diplomat and former Chaplain to Catherine of Aragon, at his manor in Downham. He was buried in Ely Cathedral, in the chantry chapel that he had built.

1548 – Death of Sir Anthony Browne, courtier and Keeper of Oatlands Palace, at Byfleet, Surrey.

1556 – Execution of Richard Uvedale at Tyburn for his involvement in Henry Dudley’s plot against Mary I.

1558 – Execution of eighty-two year old Walter Mylne, priest and Protestant martyr, for heresy at St Andrews, Scotland.

1572 – Burial of William Paulet, 1st Marquis of Winchester, administrator and nobleman. He was buried at Basing.

1603 – Funeral of Elizabeth I at Westminster Abbey.

29 April


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1500 – Birth of William Dacre, 3rd Baron Dacre of Gilsland and 7th Baron Greystoke.

1536 – Queen Anne Boleyn argued with Sir Henry Norris, Henry VIII’s Groom of the Stool.

1579 – Death of Richard Cheyney, Bishop of Gloucester, at The Lodge in Painswick, Gloucestershire, the bishop’s manor. He was buried in his cathedral.

1594 – Death of Thomas Cooper, Bishop of Winchester and theologian, at Winchester. He was buried in his cathedral, on the south side.

1617 – Death of Sir Dru Drury, courtier, member of Parliament, friend of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, and Lieutenant of the Tower of London (1595-6), at Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk.

30 April


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1532 – James Bainham, lawyer and Protestant martyr, was burned at Smithfield for heresy.

1536 – Scottish theologian Alexander Alesius witnessed an argument between Queen Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.

1536 – Mark Smeaton, was taken to Thomas Cromwell’s house in Stepney and interrogated.

1544 – Death  of Thomas Audley, Baron Audley of Walden and Lord Chancellor, at his home in Aldgate, London.

1547 – Sir Anthony Denny was made Henry VIII’s Groom of the Stool.

1563 – Death of Henry Stafford, 10th Baron Stafford, at Caus Castle, Shropshire.

1595 – Death of Thomas Bedwell, mathematician, engineer and keeper of the ordnance store at the Tower of London. He was buried at the Tower, in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula.

1596 – Death of Sir John Puckering, administrator and Speaker of the House of Commons, from apoplexy. He was buried at Westminster Abbey, in St Paul’s Chapel.

1596 – Death of Thomas Bickley, Bishop of Chichester, at the bishop’s palace in Aldingbourne. He was buried in his cathedral.